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Boutique Wedding Cinematography

 Tall Tree Films approaches weddings in a candid style with a laid-back Byron Bay twist. We’re a small studio with a unique style, always keeping storytelling at the heart of things.

With make sure to get to know each and every couple with each wedding we book.  At Tall Tree Films, we want to understand what you are looking for and why. We know your wedding video is a big investment that you will be able to show your kids and maybe even your grandkids. We always encourage each couple to get a Highlights Films made.

Tall Tree Films also knows you may be shy around the camera and this is why we help you feel comfortable in our presence. We don’t intrude on your wedding day –  we capture those moments that photos just can’t. The in-between moments, the wild laughs, the unexpected and raw emotions of your wedding day. We use audio recorded on the day to bring the essence from your vows & speeches back into the wedding video, so you can truly relive the moment again and again.

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Local, Byron Bay-made Wedding Films

Producing a wedding film takes time. Lots of competing businesses out there are cutting corners. The most common corner cutting technique is sending footage overseas to be edited offshore. It’s important to us that these jobs stay in Australia in case you wish to make changes to your wedding video. We are a very small studio and take pride in the fact that all work is done by us. You meet the maker and creator of your wedding video.

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Quick Turnaround

A 14hr wedding day may seem like a long day, however being there for the duration of your wedding day is 40% of the job. 60% of the work is editing in post production to ensure your film is a memory you will have for the rest of your life. The finer details are important to us so it can take up to one month to complete your film.

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