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Tall Tree Films started in 2012 when we started filming weddings out of our own passion for film and storytelling. We love making timeless videos. Weddings allow us to capture candid emotion without compromise.

300+ Weddings Filmed

Shooting many weddings over the years, we’re always ensuring that we catch your important moments while adding a cinematic flare to each wedding video.

Moving Back To Our Roots

Tall Tree Films have now moved back to their hometown of Byron Bay. With a small studio in Byron we can focus on weddings with stories that speak to us. We are happy to be back at our roots.

The Crew

Leah Wood

Leah grew up in a busy suburb 35km out of Toronto, Canada. She moved to Australia in 2012 to follow her dreams of studying marine science. Leah’s film making has showed the world of Marine Science what storytelling is all about. Her films communicate the messages from scientific research to everyday people. She currently still works making films independently for Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

Tom Franklin

Tom grew up in Byron Bay and from an early age he always showed an excitement for filming. In the early days Tom’s parents bought him and his brother Ben their first video camera. This was the start of something that stuck for life. Since 2016, he has worked for some of the biggest TV stations in Australia. The projects and skills he has learned and the way he tells these stories are his secret weapon. Tom currently works shooting video for Tall Tree Films and still does contract based work for the biggest TV station in Australia.

Ben Franklin

Ben’s story started while growing up in Byron Bay as Tom’s oldest and only brother. The two have worked side by side in the film industry since 2016. Ben is the founder of Tall Tree Films and the Head Videographer for the company. He has worked for some of the country’s biggest TV and wedding studios. Ben finds a passion for telling stories through film making. He loves shooting video at weddings and telling each story individually. Read more in a Q&A with Ben on our latest blog post.


We use the best and most modern cameras to capture your day from all three big brands: Canon, Sony & Panasonic.

We also use drones to capture your day from a new perspective, giving your film a wow factor.

See if we are available to film your wedding 

Wedding Videographer Byron Bay Videographer at wedding standing on a log using 70-200 f2.8 cannon lane