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The Insider Secrets for Hello World

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Tall Tree Films presents our top 5 picks

Meeting each couple before filming is all part of the process at Tall Tree, so why not meet us at one of the best cafes Byron has to offer? We’ve listed them, in no particular order, below – but let’s face it, most cafes in Byron are all totally Insta-worthy.

The General Store

The General Store is a classic. It used to be a run down, local corner store called Max Milk Bar. It was up for sale when local business partners Ben Gordon and Phil Taylor saw the opportunity for a community project which would keep it in the hands of locals. To block it from Sydney developers or International ones. The cafe is super nice, they serve the best vegan and gluten free food in Byron for sure. Very Insta-worthy with cool shit everywhere. From the cosy inside set-up to the sunny outdoor seating, everything you need for a stellar gram post is there waiting to be photographed.

The Pass Cafe

The Pass cafe is a little under the radar still with husband and wife owners that pump out some of the best food in town served fresh. After a surf at The Pass walk up above the bathroom to find this gem. You can sit there or get takeaway and sit on the beach and gram away.

Fresh Cafe

Fresh Cafe is actually in the space that was once a shop owned by Tall Tree Films’ Head Videographer Ben‘s parents back in the day, as mentioned in his latest blog post. This Cafe is probably the best Insta-worthy cafe in Byron Bay. The love sign on Bay Lane is a worthy photo op. The food is fresh and the coffee is great. With a seasonal menu and fresh flowers every day you can’t walk past it without having a look.

The Top Shop

The Top Shop is a classic for Insta worthy-ness. It’s a short walk from town and if you order any of their smoothies you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s an epic place that fills the grass outside with people on the gram.


Barrio is a newly built cafe within the Habitat community development, inside the newest addition to the Arts and Industrial Estate. The modern backdrop provides a good spot to take photos of the food and of yourself. The Insta-worthy cafe is one of Byron Bay’s best new eats – oh and since Tall Tree Films are in the wedding business, Barrio also caters for weddings and are highly recommended.



We learn from Byron Bay Wedding Musician Ben Walsh

Recently we caught up with Byron bay local, Weddings By Benny, aka Ben Walsh. Benny tells us how he got started in the wedding industry and what kind of style he brings to Byron Bay weddings. Benny performs weekly at weddings in and around Byron and has been doing so for years. Lets find out some more information from Weddings By Benny.

How Weddings By Benny got started

Basically, Benny started off at age eighteen playing sixteen 3 hour shows a week in the NSW snow fields. He performed to audiences of 400+ people each afternoon. People always asked Benny for his details and if he could play at private gigs and events. “I went from playing all these shows, sometimes three in a day, to then being booked at weddings between rural Australia and the East Coast of Byron Bay and Sydney.”. “I found that at weddings the engagement from the audience and the love in the air was something I had never experienced playing pubs and clubs. There is a really beautiful feeling when you know you have the ability to facilitate a beautiful environment and create spectacular, spine tingling memories for families and friends. The love in the air means we can really make better music and can connect on a love level with the audience. Whether I’m DJ-ing, playing with my band or doing a solo wedding, I feel I’m really fulfilling my passion and purpose when I’m in this environment, and I can do what I knew I would be doing when I was 4 years old. Making musical memories.”

Getting your foot in the door in Byron Bay

“Funnily enough I had mainly performed in the countryside of Australia before I really got into weddings on the East Coast. We did big band gigs in places like Narrabri and Tamworth. I started booking weddings with a funk/ soul band in New York and then really through Instagram I started getting requests for Byron Bay weddings, so I started focusing on accepting local bookings as well.”



Weddings in Byron Bay – What to know

We all know weddings in Byron Bay are hard to plan and much harder to miss. Weddings in this area are always a good time, spent with old friends, new friends and the randoms that join the after parties at the local bars in town at 2am. So what makes a Byron Bay wedding so good…is it the venue, the happiness of the guests or just the general idea that Byron Bay is epic? Let’s just say its all four of these reasons combined.

Different types, different couples, all within the same town

There are four types of weddings in Byron Bay. Let’s start with the classic then will jump to the truly Byron Bay styles. Joking, they’re all Byron style.

Outdoor & Open Paddock Ceremony: large teepee as the reception venue in a rural hinterland property

Outdoor Ceremony: classic, indoor reception venue with views of the Pacific Ocean

Hinterland Property: private and exclusive to you and your wedding guests for both Reception & Ceremony

Beach Ceremony & Reception: venue overlooking the very beach you said your vows on

surfer at sunset holding surfboard

Sunset in Byron Bay

Tall Tree Films offer the best videographer and film packages in Byron Bay. Check them out!



The Best Byron Bay Drone Photos Are Hard To Judge – We Present Our 3 Best Photos

So Drones were introduced only 3 years ago…well thats not entirely true, but at least introduced to the mass market. DJI introduced the Mavic Pro, the most sold drone in Australia. In Byron Bay there is even now a dedicated DJI Drone Store. Drones are epic, so epic in fact we also love them at Tall Tree Films. They are used for so many different jobs, tasks, and even police and support crews. So all this talk and still no drone photos. Byron Bay is the most photographed town in Australia. Drones help capture Byron like no other way, looking down at the silky blue water. There is not a more eye pleasing way to look at the screen of your phone.

wedding video location shots captured by a drone by Byron Bay wedding videographer

Wedding video location shots captured by Byron Bay wedding videographer 

Byron Bay Drone photo looking down at the pass

Bird’s eye view of The Pass

Drone photo of Byron Bay The Pass looking at surfers

Surfers at The Pass

Let us know if you need a drone at your wedding. To see if the crew at Tall Tree Films are available to film your wedding, contact us here.



Presented by Tall Tree Films’ Lead Videographer Ben Franklin

So, the story behind the surfboard starts on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, where the weather rarely gets cold and the golden XXXX is flowing.  It’s where green rainforest meets white sandy beaches and perfect point breaks. This film introduces the shaper behind Krause Designs. Josh spends a lot of time now surfing and always enjoys a good trip up the coast to the sunny town of Byron Bay. Krause Designs Surfboards are sexy to look at, feel smooth and buttery and surf as you would expect a premium handmade surfboard would.

Keeping it Local

The local shaper has never been so far away these days. With boards being made in Thailand from major Australian brands and rip offs coming from China. What the world really needs is more local shapers like Josh. The hours he puts in to these boards reflects the build quality and therefore the length of the surfboard’s life. It’s much more economical for a company to just pump out boards from China or Thailand but let’s face it, we only buy a few terrible quality boards and never go back. We can all stand with the local shapers and support Australian made boards again. The country will be filled with good quality, sexy looking boards that last more than 6 months.

Thanks for reading. To get a film made like this by Tall Tree Films head to



We catch up with Ben the Head Videographer at Tall Tree Wedding Films

What makes Byron Bay special for weddings?

Byron Bay is a very nice town, its got people from all over the world. It’s such a good place to get married and having a local wedding videographer is super important to get that local knowledge and insight. The venues and location choices are so good compared to the rest of Australia, making your wedding video the best investment to show your kids and family.

You mention venues – what are some of you favourite locations to shoot wedding videos? 

They are all good so let’s not name wedding venues. Personally I enjoy the freedom of outdoor locations to take couples to shoot at. The end of the road near Broken Head…I’m not going to say exactly where for peace of mind and to keep the area low key. I found this spot at a very young age growing up in Byron Bay. The spot is my go-to place to take couples for a rare, secluded beach shot with nobody around and some of the whitest sand in Australia.

You mentioned growing up in Byron Bay – how was that?

So my parents had a shop on the main street of town which is still there today. My brother Tom & I just went to the beach every day after school. From a very young age, Tom and I were always surfing and playing in the ocean. So we have learnt to respect the ocean and look after it. Byron is still the same town at heart. Recently I found out that weddings account for more than 60% of revenue for the entire town in all services. We now give 5% of our profits to The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Have you always lived in Byron Bay or have you seen how most people live?

That’s a good question! Yes I have, I actually lived away from Byron Bay for 5 years. Mostly in Sydney on the Northern Beaches and I also did three snow seasons in Jindabyne and two in Canada.

So how does this have an effect on your filming style?

It has made me see both sides of the industry, from the massive studios pumping out 1000 weddings a year, then to brides not even eating a meal on their own wedding day. It makes me have an approach that makes each couple comfortable in front of the camera. Check out my latest video explaining this here.

byron bay wedding videographer



Byron Bay Wedding Jeweller

We set off to find the best Byron Bay Wedding Jeweller. Byron Bound has been on our radar for a few years now. Zac, the owner & Maker of the company, is a classic Byron Bay guy. Surfs, tattoos, beard, doesn’t drink or smoke and all round nice guy. His passion for making and creating started when he grew up at South Golden Beach, an easy 15km north of Byron Bay. Zac went to Mullumbimby High School and that’s where his passion for design started. His dad was a tiler and wood craftsman and showed him everything he needed to know. Zac makes fine wedding rings, wooden books, leather goods; and pretty everything that can be built, he builds.

byron bay wedding rings

Passion & Joy

Born and raised in the gorgeous, creative haven of Byron, Zac’s love and passion for the ocean and his ever-curious soul combined to help curate his ability to see the world in a beautiful, unique light. Forged by salt and sawdust, his folks Dianne and Karl Conway nourished his curiosity and showed him a world of endless creative freedom where he could follow all paths.

Zac, a passionate writer, taught himself bookbinding at 21, creating new binding techniques and methods using sustainable recycled materials such as hemp and kangaroo leather. This was the beginning of Byron Bound.

Through exploring woodworking projects, Zac discovered Bentwood rings when at the time only one designer in the world produced them, so very little knowledge was available. Through invention and innovation Zac forged his own method for wooden ring creation, creating the world’s first Tonewood rings made from delicate wood shavings, in a superior secret method still unknown and unused by anyone in the world today.

Now as under twenty Bentwood ring designers exist in the world, Zac is proudly in the top tier of designers as one of the original creators to bring the craft and what it represents into the mainstream wedding industry. A wedding ring, a symbol of unity and passion, imprints upon all a message. A wooden wedding ring sends a message of sustainability, of alternate ideas and sparks conversations towards how we treat our world.

byron bay wedding ring maker

2,000 Wedding Rings Later

Made for couples from over 35 countries worldwide, Zac has developed the finest quality wooden rings available in the world today, handcrafted by recycled Tonewood exotic timbers.

Still a passionate bookbinder, luthier, woodworker, inventor, maker and creator, Zac spends his days exploring old world crafts with the intention of reviving them in a sustainable way, in order to give back to causes that matter, advocating for a mind-shift towards a consciously sustainable world that we are proud to love and cherish.

Swimming through sawdust to the fires of creation, Zac learned the ways of metal many years ago. All the while working upon new Tonewood experiments, he learned and discovered new ways to shape and form metal and stone, creating and inventing new techniques, fusing the skills learned from his many creative ventures.

Today, Zac adores pure recycled materials such as 24ct pure gold and platinum and specialises in organic wedding rings made using methods not possible by other jewellers today. No machines, just an inventor’s mind and passionate hands, Zac blends his mastery of wooden ring design with his love of precious metal shaping to create true works of art.

Giving back is the core of Byron Bound. Through the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, 5% of all orders is donated to their great conservation works, actively removing plastic from our oceans and planting trees in endangered wildlife areas of Australia.

Check out Zac’s work at and be sure to check out the local wedding videographer Tall Tree Films at