We learn from Byron Bay Wedding Musician Ben Walsh

Recently we caught up with Byron bay local, Weddings By Benny, aka Ben Walsh. Benny tells us how he got started in the wedding industry and what kind of style he brings to Byron Bay weddings. Benny performs weekly at weddings in and around Byron and has been doing so for years. Lets find out some more information from Weddings By Benny.

How Weddings By Benny got started

Basically, Benny started off at age eighteen playing sixteen 3 hour shows a week in the NSW snow fields. He performed to audiences of 400+ people each afternoon. People always asked Benny for his details and if he could play at private gigs and events. “I went from playing all these shows, sometimes three in a day, to then being booked at weddings between rural Australia and the East Coast of Byron Bay and Sydney.”. “I found that at weddings the engagement from the audience and the love in the air was something I had never experienced playing pubs and clubs. There is a really beautiful feeling when you know you have the ability to facilitate a beautiful environment and create spectacular, spine tingling memories for families and friends. The love in the air means we can really make better music and can connect on a love level with the audience. Whether I’m DJ-ing, playing with my band or doing a solo wedding, I feel I’m really fulfilling my passion and purpose when I’m in this environment, and I can do what I knew I would be doing when I was 4 years old. Making musical memories.”

Getting your foot in the door in Byron Bay

“Funnily enough I had mainly performed in the countryside of Australia before I really got into weddings on the East Coast. We did big band gigs in places like Narrabri and Tamworth. I started booking weddings with a funk/ soul band in New York and then really through Instagram I started getting requests for Byron Bay weddings, so I started focusing on accepting local bookings as well.”