Weddings in Byron Bay – What to know

We all know weddings in Byron Bay are hard to plan and much harder to miss. Weddings in this area are always a good time, spent with old friends, new friends and the randoms that join the after parties at the local bars in town at 2am. So what makes a Byron Bay wedding so good…is it the venue, the happiness of the guests or just the general idea that Byron Bay is epic? Let’s just say its all four of these reasons combined.

Different types, different couples, all within the same town

There are four types of weddings in Byron Bay. Let’s start with the classic then will jump to the truly Byron Bay styles. Joking, they’re all Byron style.

Outdoor & Open Paddock Ceremony: large teepee as the reception venue in a rural hinterland property

Outdoor Ceremony: classic, indoor reception venue with views of the Pacific Ocean

Hinterland Property: private and exclusive to you and your wedding guests for both Reception & Ceremony

Beach Ceremony & Reception: venue overlooking the very beach you said your vows on

surfer at sunset holding surfboard

Sunset in Byron Bay

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