The Best Byron Bay Drone Photos Are Hard To Judge – We Present Our 3 Best Photos

So Drones were introduced only 3 years ago…well thats not entirely true, but at least introduced to the mass market. DJI introduced the Mavic Pro, the most sold drone in Australia. In Byron Bay there is even now a dedicated DJI Drone Store. Drones are epic, so epic in fact we also love them at Tall Tree Films. They are used for so many different jobs, tasks, and even police and support crews. So all this talk and still no drone photos. Byron Bay is the most photographed town in Australia. Drones help capture Byron like no other way, looking down at the silky blue water. There is not a more eye pleasing way to look at the screen of your phone.

wedding video location shots captured by a drone by Byron Bay wedding videographer

Wedding video location shots captured by Byron Bay wedding videographer 

Byron Bay Drone photo looking down at the pass

Bird’s eye view of The Pass

Drone photo of Byron Bay The Pass looking at surfers

Surfers at The Pass

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