Presented by Tall Tree Films’ Lead Videographer Ben Franklin

So, the story behind the surfboard starts on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, where the weather rarely gets cold and the golden XXXX is flowing.  It’s where green rainforest meets white sandy beaches and perfect point breaks. This film introduces the shaper behind Krause Designs. Josh spends a lot of time now surfing and always enjoys a good trip up the coast to the sunny town of Byron Bay. Krause Designs Surfboards are sexy to look at, feel smooth and buttery and surf as you would expect a premium handmade surfboard would.

Keeping it Local

The local shaper has never been so far away these days. With boards being made in Thailand from major Australian brands and rip offs coming from China. What the world really needs is more local shapers like Josh. The hours he puts in to these boards reflects the build quality and therefore the length of the surfboard’s life. It’s much more economical for a company to just pump out boards from China or Thailand but let’s face it, we only buy a few terrible quality boards and never go back. We can all stand with the local shapers and support Australian made boards again. The country will be filled with good quality, sexy looking boards that last more than 6 months.

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