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We set off to find the best Byron Bay Wedding Jeweller. Byron Bound has been on our radar for a few years now. Zac, the owner & Maker of the company, is a classic Byron Bay guy. Surfs, tattoos, beard, doesn’t drink or smoke and all round nice guy. His passion for making and creating started when he grew up at South Golden Beach, an easy 15km north of Byron Bay. Zac went to Mullumbimby High School and that’s where his passion for design started. His dad was a tiler and wood craftsman and showed him everything he needed to know. Zac makes fine wedding rings, wooden books, leather goods; and pretty everything that can be built, he builds.

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Passion & Joy

Born and raised in the gorgeous, creative haven of Byron, Zac’s love and passion for the ocean and his ever-curious soul combined to help curate his ability to see the world in a beautiful, unique light. Forged by salt and sawdust, his folks Dianne and Karl Conway nourished his curiosity and showed him a world of endless creative freedom where he could follow all paths.

Zac, a passionate writer, taught himself bookbinding at 21, creating new binding techniques and methods using sustainable recycled materials such as hemp and kangaroo leather. This was the beginning of Byron Bound.

Through exploring woodworking projects, Zac discovered Bentwood rings when at the time only one designer in the world produced them, so very little knowledge was available. Through invention and innovation Zac forged his own method for wooden ring creation, creating the world’s first Tonewood rings made from delicate wood shavings, in a superior secret method still unknown and unused by anyone in the world today.

Now as under twenty Bentwood ring designers exist in the world, Zac is proudly in the top tier of designers as one of the original creators to bring the craft and what it represents into the mainstream wedding industry. A wedding ring, a symbol of unity and passion, imprints upon all a message. A wooden wedding ring sends a message of sustainability, of alternate ideas and sparks conversations towards how we treat our world.

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2,000 Wedding Rings Later

Made for couples from over 35 countries worldwide, Zac has developed the finest quality wooden rings available in the world today, handcrafted by recycled Tonewood exotic timbers.

Still a passionate bookbinder, luthier, woodworker, inventor, maker and creator, Zac spends his days exploring old world crafts with the intention of reviving them in a sustainable way, in order to give back to causes that matter, advocating for a mind-shift towards a consciously sustainable world that we are proud to love and cherish.

Swimming through sawdust to the fires of creation, Zac learned the ways of metal many years ago. All the while working upon new Tonewood experiments, he learned and discovered new ways to shape and form metal and stone, creating and inventing new techniques, fusing the skills learned from his many creative ventures.

Today, Zac adores pure recycled materials such as 24ct pure gold and platinum and specialises in organic wedding rings made using methods not possible by other jewellers today. No machines, just an inventor’s mind and passionate hands, Zac blends his mastery of wooden ring design with his love of precious metal shaping to create true works of art.

Giving back is the core of Byron Bound. Through the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, 5% of all orders is donated to their great conservation works, actively removing plastic from our oceans and planting trees in endangered wildlife areas of Australia.

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