We catch up with Ben the Head Videographer at Tall Tree Wedding Films

What makes Byron Bay special for weddings?

Byron Bay is a very nice town, its got people from all over the world. It’s such a good place to get married and having a local wedding videographer is super important to get that local knowledge and insight. The venues and location choices are so good compared to the rest of Australia, making your wedding video the best investment to show your kids and family.

You mention venues – what are some of you favourite locations to shoot wedding videos? 

They are all good so let’s not name wedding venues. Personally I enjoy the freedom of outdoor locations to take couples to shoot at. The end of the road near Broken Head…I’m not going to say exactly where for peace of mind and to keep the area low key. I found this spot at a very young age growing up in Byron Bay. The spot is my go-to place to take couples for a rare, secluded beach shot with nobody around and some of the whitest sand in Australia.

You mentioned growing up in Byron Bay – how was that?

So my parents had a shop on the main street of town which is still there today. My brother Tom & I just went to the beach every day after school. From a very young age, Tom and I were always surfing and playing in the ocean. So we have learnt to respect the ocean and look after it. Byron is still the same town at heart. Recently I found out that weddings account for more than 60% of revenue for the entire town in all services. We now give 5% of our profits to The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Have you always lived in Byron Bay or have you seen how most people live?

That’s a good question! Yes I have, I actually lived away from Byron Bay for 5 years. Mostly in Sydney on the Northern Beaches and I also did three snow seasons in Jindabyne and two in Canada.

So how does this have an effect on your filming style?

It has made me see both sides of the industry, from the massive studios pumping out 1000 weddings a year, then to brides not even eating a meal on their own wedding day. It makes me have an approach that makes each couple comfortable in front of the camera. Check out my latest video explaining this here.

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